Garden Rose Advice Monthly Tips

Garden Rose Advice   Monthly Tips


This is another ideal month to order and plant your bare-root roses, we are now busy lifting and sending out orders and are currently dispatching orders in less than 1-2 days from when ordered (excluding weekends).

The recommended planting times for bare-root roses is from November to late March, so take advantage of the dark winter evenings and have a really good look through our website where you will find the best pictures, nearly all photographed in our fields, to make your selections. February is a particularly good month to order and plant your Standard Roses, these will create a spectacular and impressive display of blooms from early summer to late autumn and are both great in the garden border or a large container

If you are thinking of giving a bush rose as a gift for a special occasion or unable at present to plant in the garden we can also send them out all through the year in pots with optional gift card and wrap, making them easy to deal with once received and can be simply left in these pots outdoors, always keeping the specially formulated rose compost moist until spring before planting into its final position.

 Roses in the Garden (U.K)

New Roses

Weather permitting, prepare the ground well for any new bare-root roses you are planning to plant by ideally digging out the hole ready a few weeks before and adding plenty of well-rotted manure or compost into the bottom of the whole and forking in well, you can now plant roses where there were roses planted before by adding some mycorrhizal ROOTGROW into the base of the hole and ensuring that the rose roots come into contact with the friendly fungi, see the 'Rose Related Products' to order and for more information, Rootgrow will benefit all newly planted roses. Full planting and aftercare instructions are supplied with all our roses when dispatched, if it's too cold or wet to plant now, don't worry bare-root roses can be safely stored in their original packaging for 3-4 weeks when supplied at this time of year or buy container for planting later in the spring once fully rooted.

Established Roses

Bush, Climbing and Shrub roses: For U.K gardeners, if you have not already pruned your roses and you are experiencing mild weather, now is the  time to do your main pruning of your roses, recent milder winters due to global warming mean by March (The traditional time for pruning) your roses in these areas will already have long shoots on them and pruning these off in March will delay flowering by a month or more, so prune as soon as you can but not during cold frosty weather. Make sure you have your Empathy After Plant Rose Food, a fantastic new Mycorrhizal rose food available from Style Roses ready for early spring when your roses will need their first feed of the year

Pruning recommendations:

If you've not already done your main rose pruning for the winter, now is the time to get it done!

H.T and Floribunda Bushes: Cut main stems down to around 30cm/12" to just above an outward facing leaf, completely remove any weak growth, brown or black stems which are dying back.

Patio Bush Roses: Prune back to around 15cm/6" also remove any weak growth, brown or black stems which are dying back.

Large Flowering Climbers: Re-tie and train in main shoots to fence or structure, any ugly long tall shoots that cannot be trained can be removed from where they started shooting from, all side shoots coming from your main stems should be cut back to around 3" from where they shoot from the mains stems.

Ramblers and Patio Climbers: Lightly prune to shape and tie in any loose or floppy growth.

Dispose of all your pruning waste on a bonfire if allowed in your area or your local tip, for roses showing problems with blackspot this is also a good time to clean up the soil and plants by killing overwintering disease spores. Previous research has shown drenching the area with Sulphur Rose using a watering can and rose, water around 1 gallon of the dilution over each rose and surrounding soil will kill off Black Spot spores and give you a clean start next year 




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