Garden Roses Advice for Healthy & Beautiful Roses

Garden Roses  Advice for Healthy & Beautiful Roses

Garden Roses: Aftercare Products 

Roses really appreciate being looked after, to keep your roses looking healthy and flowering through summer and autumn for many years, having neighbours nearby with heavily neglected diseased roses such as Rose Blackspot can create problems in your garden roses also, there are a few simple products and steps available that we strongly recommend for the upkeep of your roses.

Rootgrow :  


Rootgrow: A very cheap product giving fantastic results for all roses when used at planting time, also endorsed by The Royal Horticultural Society, we highly recommend Rootgrow and have sold 1000's of packets of this product - all to very satisfied customers.

Why use Rootgrow? One treatment lasts forever, Easy To Use, Earlier and Better Growth, Better Drought Tolerance, Better Uptake of Fertilisers & Trace Elements After Planting, Reduced Mortality of Plants if used in Difficult Areas of Garden, Prevents Rose Replant Problems allowing you to plant roses exactly where a rose was before without exchanging the soil. The smallest 60 gramme Root grow pack costs £2.25 if ordered with your roses and treats 2 plants and it can be used on other hardy plants at planting time excluding acid loving plants like Azaeleas and Rhododendrons.

Empathy After Plant Rose Food


Roses are hungry heavy feeders, keep them well fed and they will be much less prone to disease problems, flower numbers will vastly increase and flower colour and size will also be improved.Use a granular specialised Rose Feed such as Empathy After Plant Rose Food at Planting time added into the bottom of the planting hole in conjunction with Rootgrow and thereafter a handful sprinkled thinly around each plant twice a year in Spring and Mid Summer (3 times a year if planted in a container), we recommend granular fertilisers which contains a mix of Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potash at the right levels to promote flowering but not lots of lush tender growth that might get disease problems and also containing essential trace elements like Iron and Magnesium which help prevent the foliage from yellowing and give added disease resistance.

Uncle Tom's Tonic:


Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic: Used on our Nursery and now being widely used by Commercial Rose Growers, Uncle Tom's Tonic is both a very safe and very good product for Roses and almost all other plants, insect friendly, it contains no harmful chemicals and is rich in Phosphite and Pottasium, two of the main needed building blocks for plants which can be easily applied either as a foliar spray or soil drench during active growth on a regular basis with no resistance build up problems. It also works as a great plant pick me up even on old poorly performing plants. rapidly moving through the plant and promoting green healthy growth without promoting lush rapid new growth which is then more prone to disease attacks. The added great benefit of Uncle Tom's Tonic is much improved disease resistance on roses, with excellent control of Rust, Black Spot and Mildew by regularly using this product. A good number of Commercial growers are now using this product and nothing else! We have recommended this product on numerous occasions to customers with poorly performing roses and they have reported back excellent results. available from Style roses in 500ml and 1 litre packs.



Natural non pesticide product, safe for wildlife and animals, this excellent product attacks Blackspot and Mildew giving fast and effective control either as a preventative or cure for problems, promoting healthy blooms and foliage and preventing yellowing of leaves. Can be used as a summer foliage spray (5 - 10g  per 4.5lts water) or winter drench (30g per 4.5lts) to control or kill off Black spot and rose disease spores in the soil around the roses which will help greatly to prevent future re-infection of Rose Blackspot. Spray up to every 2 weeks during active growth, non resistant so can be used regularly on roses.  

Other Products:  Pests and Diseases can be controlled easily with regular spraying during active growth, products are available in your local garden centre specifically for Roses that will help in the control of these problems, we recommend using every couple of weeks, use on a regular basis as soon as you get good amounts of new foliage before you see problems, read what is in the product and choose two different products with different active ingredients and alternate the products each time you use to help prevent any resistance build up to the active ingredient.

We do NOT recommend Washing Up Liquid or Soapy water on your Roses to kill greenfly!! It's more likely to scorch foliage, strip the foliage of natural wax barriers which help prevent disease infections and effect the natural balances and acidity of the soil below causing the rose longer term problems.



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