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Type: Standard Roses

Standard Roses look great in containers by the front door, on the patio, or in borders, lining a drive or as a spectacular centerpiece in a round bed using a group of Standards or a Weeping Standard.

Typical flowering height is around 4 to 5ft/1.2-1.5m for Half-Standards and 6ft/1.8m for Full-Weeping Standards, adding height and a strong focal feature to your garden, allowing you to look, smell, tend and cut your roses without straining your back! In all cases of planting Standard Roses we strongly recommend you use a strong stake and tie fixed on the north side of the stem to support the main stem as wind damage will otherwise occur and may result in the main stem being completely snapped without. We offer a top quality, sturdy pressure treated  wooden stake (for long life) with our Standard roses supplied with your order at £4.00 each, details will be given in the checkout area.

Our carefully selected range of Standard Roses are easy to grow and look after and all will repeat flower, full aftercare instructions are provided with your order.

Most of our Standard Roses are Half Standards (150cm), but we do have some Patio Standard varieties which are available as Quarter Standards (120cm), and some Weeping Standards are available as Full Standards (180cm).

PLEASE NOTE: Standard Roses can only be supplied as mail order plants between November and March as Bareroot roses, we also list potted bush roses of the same varieties in this section which can be sent by mail order all year round but these grow completely differently from Standard Roses and should be treated as normal garden bush roses. Some of our Weeping Standards only have a semi-weeping habit, see individual varieties for details.

Potted Standards are available all year round by collection only from our nursery in Holbeach, Lincolnshire PE12 8AG. Please enquire for specific availability Tel 01406 424089, email [email protected] 



 (Images above : Absolutely Fabulous, Wild Fire, Rhapsody in Blue & Brushstrokes) 

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