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The products in this section are the best available, top quality products, for you to plant and tend your roses with over the coming years. Investment in these products is strongly recommended for a long term happy relationship with your roses!

Gold leaf tough touch Gloves and Gauntlets: Made from deer hide, unbelievable fitting and comfort, thorn proof soft leather, tough and longlasting, only use when plants are dry.

Felco Secateurs: Swiss precision made, willl make rose pruning an easy job and will last a lifetime if maintained, after owning a pair of these you will never buy any other!

Rootgrow: A natural safe product that will give your roses the best possible start if used at planting time. Also with this product it allows you to safely and succesfully plant roses where there were roses before, eliminating rose replant disease problems and great for dry,light, sandy soils or during drought conditions where quick and good establishment can be a problem. A very cheap product for the large benefits gained, try it, you won't be disappointed, can also be used on other hardy shrubs (excluding strong alkaline or erecaceous plants). 


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