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It is with true excitement and great pleasure that we introduce a completely new exclusive and fabulous range of New Zealand Roses bred mainly by John Ford of Ford Roses in Palmerston North and the late great Nola Simpson, who over recent decades have introduced many unique and new coloured roses never seen before in the rose world, including the original Hot Chocolate rose and many other noted brown and unusual varieties. One of the main criteria in Nola and John's breeding programme was a very high tolerance to withstand the highly varied and wet climatic conditions of New Zealand with priority given to good petal texture to withstand the heavy rainfall without damage and very few of their introductions suffer with blooms rotting from heavy rain or damp conditions.

 The range of roses offered in this new collection are completely exclusive to Style Roses both in the UK and Europe, having carefully trialled them for two years, we continue to be completely blown away by their colours and fragrance. They all clearly love the British climate and seem to be romping away with health and vigour in our rose fields and also are performing perfectly as container plants, we highly recommend these roses which will only amaze you and look forward to introducing even more unusual roses from New Zealand to you in the coming years.


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