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Type: Floribunda/Cluster Flowering

Our superb range of Floribunda roses are difficult to beat for great masses of medium to large sized blooms which are borne in large clusters, often smothering the foliage in repeat waves of colour and fragrance from June to Late autumn.

Our modern range of Floribunda garden roses is far superior to earlier floribundas with generally much fuller flowers, containing greater number of petals on bushy healthy compact growth. Many are also strongly scented. Lots of the varieties in our Floribunda section are highly unusual or exclusive to Style Roses and not widely available elsewhere.

Ideal for group planting, individually mid border or in a large pot.

Plant 60cm to 90cm apart. Typical heights are 90cm.

For a quick view of all Floribunda Standard Roses use the search facility selecting Floribunda Roses and Standard Roses.


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