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New or Exclusive

New Roses - Exclusive Roses 

We are very proud to present you with the following new and exclusive rose varieties to our range, to be included they need to be healthy, free flowering and great performing garden roses with good healthy growth. Many are completely unique in their colouring and flower formation.

We are also very honoured to launch a completely New and exclusive range of Roses from New Zealand from John Ford Roses and all are exclusive to Style Roses in the UK and Europe, along with further superb new and exclusive roses from Edward Smith Roses, Maurice Guest - breeder of 'Brushstrokes', Ronnie Rawlins and Bob Webster who have come up with a range of fabulous free flowering varieties which you really have to try! See below for full details.

Hybrid Tea and Large Flowering Roses

Our large range of Hybrid Tea Roses produce classic shaped, large, high centred spiralled blooms which are produced singularly or in small clusters from strong sturdy growth, which repeat bloom throughout summer into autumn. Many are strongly scented, ideal for cutting and indoor flower arranging.

Hybrid Tea roses are excellent garden roses providing colour and fragrance in your garden from June to late autumn, many of the varieties in our collection are highly unusual or exclusive to Style Roses. 

Plant grouped in beds, individually mid border, in a large pot or as a hedge. Plant Hybrid Tea roses 60-90cm apart, typical height: 90-120cm.


For a quick view of all Hybrid Tea Standard Roses use the search facility selecting both Hybrid Tea and Standard Roses options.

Floribunda/Cluster Flowering

Our superb range of Floribunda roses are difficult to beat for great masses of medium to large sized blooms which are borne in large clusters, often smothering the foliage in repeat waves of colour and fragrance from June to Late autumn.

Our modern range of Floribunda garden roses is far superior to earlier floribundas with generally much fuller flowers, containing greater number of petals on bushy healthy compact growth. Many are also strongly scented. Lots of the varieties in our Floribunda section are highly unusual or exclusive to Style Roses and not widely available elsewhere.

Ideal for group planting, individually mid border or in a large pot.

Plant 60cm to 90cm apart. Typical heights are 90cm.

For a quick view of all Floribunda Standard Roses use the search facility selecting Floribunda Roses and Standard Roses.


Front Border & Patio

For sheer numbers of flowers and long periods of bloom, Patio Roses cannot be beaten. They make both an ideal container roses and are also great at the front of the border or in narrow areas, even for mass planting. Patio roses are a real permanent alternative to summer bedding, simply dead head throughout the summer and prune back hard once a year in winter to encourage new shoots.

Plant bushes 60cm apart, typical flowering height 60cm / 2ft.

Standard Roses 90cm apart minimum, flowering height varies from 90cm to 150cm / 3 to 5ft depending on you choice of a Quarter Standard Rose or a Half Standard Rose, see individual front border / patio varieties for options available. 


Many of our Patio varieties are also available as Standard Roses, great for pots or mid border. In terms of colour, numbers of blooms, length of flowering from early summer often until late December Patio Standard Roses cannot be beaten and are a fantastic way to add instant new height and interest to your garden. 

Climbing Roses

Our range of Climbing Roses include very healthy varieties with large flowered blooms, repeat flowering and fragrance. Climbing Roses are ideal for training along fences, walls, pergolas, trellis and structures.Train main shoots sideways and then upwards to create a well-balanced framework of branches and encourage lateral flowering side shoots, prune side shoots to 3" once a year in winter.

Plant 6ft apart, flowering heights vary from 2.1m to 4.5 meters.

Typically it will take climbers 2-3 years to become well established and reach full height. 


Rambling Roses

Rambling Roses are rapid, pliant growers ideal for covering over buildings, high walls, pergolas and for scrambling up trees. Pruning is different to other climbers as flowers are produced on the previous years growth, so prune earlier, straight after the main flush of flower or just leave it to go mad if you dare!

Typical growth for Ramblers is 4.5m to 7.5 meters but vary for each variety.


Ground Cover Roses

These repeat blooming Ground Cover Roses can have many uses.

The typical, flat, prostrate growth makes them ideal for covering over large areas, creating weed barriers as well as deterring intruders & animals from your property.The pliant growth makes them great in pots and hanging baskets to give a superb cascading effect of colour.

For hanging baskets, we recommend a 35cm diameter basket with a plastic liner and strong chains, using a John Innes No3 Compost.

Approximate flowering height of Ground Cover roses 30cm to 90cm, and plant 90cm apart.


When Ground Cover varieties are grafted onto Standard stems, they produce excellent Weeping Standards. As growth develops and ages, blooms cascade all the way down the length of the stem, producing really exquisite results. To find Weeping Roses, use the 'Search' tool or search by type, selecting Standard Roses. 

David Austin, Shrub & Delbard Roses

Our range of English (David Austin Roses), Delbard (French Breeder) & Shrub roses are mainly modern introductions, where old-fashioned beauty and charm are coupled with health and heady fragrance, which repeat bloom all summer long. The varieties selected are proven performers and offer a wide choice of colours and unusual stripes and represent excellent value and savings in comparison to Garden Centre prices. 

Plant 1.2 metres apart allowing plenty of room or grow amongst tall herbaceous plants. Some English roses can also be grown as a short climbing rose if desired.


French Roses

We are delighted to also include in our ranges of roses, a collection of Wonderful roses bred by the Famous French Rose Breeders, Meilland Roses and Delbard Roses, we have chosen an exciting range of roses which are of great interest, unique in many ways and most are exclusive to Style Roses in the United Kingdom. All are excellent growers and will repeat bloom throughout summer and autumn and well worth a try in the gardens of Great Britain.


Standard Roses

Standard Roses look great in containers by the front door, on the patio, or in borders, lining a drive or as a spectacular centerpiece in a round bed using a group of Standards or a Weeping Standard.

Typical flowering height is around 4 to 5ft/1.2-1.5m for Half-Standards and 6ft/1.8m for Full-Weeping Standards, adding height and a strong focal feature to your garden, allowing you to look, smell, tend and cut your roses without straining your back! In all cases of planting Standard Roses we strongly recommend you use a strong stake and tie fixed on the north side of the stem to support the main stem as wind damage will otherwise occur and may result in the main stem being completely snapped without. We offer a top quality, sturdy pressure treated  wooden stake (for long life) with our Standard roses supplied with your order at £4.00 each, details will be given in the checkout area.

Our carefully selected range of Standard Roses are easy to grow and look after and all will repeat flower, full aftercare instructions are provided with your order.

Most of our Standard Roses are Half Standards (150cm), but we do have some Patio Standard varieties which are available as Quarter Standards (120cm), and some Weeping Standards are available as Full Standards (180cm).

PLEASE NOTE: Standard Roses can only be supplied as mail order plants between November and March as Bareroot roses, we also list potted bush roses of the same varieties in this section which can be sent by mail order all year round but these grow completely differently from Standard Roses and should be treated as normal garden bush roses. Some of our Weeping Standards only have a semi-weeping habit, see individual varieties for details.

Potted Standards are available all year round by collection only from our nursery in Holbeach, Lincolnshire PE12 8AG. Please enquire for specific availability Tel 01406 424089, email [email protected] 



 (Images above : Absolutely Fabulous, Wild Fire, Rhapsody in Blue & Brushstrokes) 

Gold Standard Award Roses

The Gold Standard Trials are the result of a joint initiative between professional rose breeders represented by BARB (British Association of Rose Breeders) NIAB (National Institute of Agricultural Botany) and The Royal National Rose Society at St Albans.

Unlike some other rose trials, breeders pay a fee for each rose variety submitted to the trials, independently managed by NIAB at their Cambridge headquarters. Based on cumulative information from invited independent judges throughout the two year period of the trial, the Gold Standard is awarded to worthy varieties.

Health, floriferousness, scent and commercial appeal are all considered key factors and if you are new to roses or just looking for really good reliable healthy free flowering varieties that are easy to grow and look after, these make an excellent first start or choice.

Gold Standard Award Winning Roses are available from Style Roses as bush roses and also in some cases as Standard roses.

Weeping Standard Roses

Our Weeping Standard roses create a beautiful display of cascading colour and are a strong impact plant to your garden, adding height and depth to gardens both large and small. Weeping Standard Roses are easy to grow and care for, they grow well both in the border or a large pot and need little to no pruning, just prune to shape as required rather than annual, heavy pruning. Most of our Weeping Standards are supplied as Full Standards flowering around 6ft and allowing the long trails to cascade down and towards the ground, as smaller number of Half Weeping Standards of the less vigorous varieties are also available which flower around 5ft tall. Allow around a 6ft circular area to accommodate a Weeping Standard, you can also under-plant them with other short growing roses, bedding plants and Spring Bulbs for added effect and enjoyment

PLEASE NOTE: Some of our Weeping Standards have a semi-weeping habit. Standard Roses can only be supplied as mail order plants between November and March as Bareroot roses, we also list potted bush roses of the same varieties in this section which can be sent by mail order all year round but these grow completely differently from Standard Roses and should be treated as normal garden bush roses.

Weeping Potted Standards are available all year round by collection only from our nursery in Holbeach, Lincolnshire PE12 8AG, or from any of the garden shows we attend. Please enquire for specific availability, Tel 01406 424089, email [email protected]  



(Images above of Canary Bird, Bonica & Little Rambler) 

Edward Smith Rose Collection

It is with great pleasure that we proudly introduce the Edward Smith Rose Collection to our catalogue. Edward Smith, rose breeder of Sandiacre, Nottingham sadly died in 2008, leaving a legacy of beautiful roses and seedlings. We are delighted to be working directly with Edward's family, in bringing these wonderful roses to the attention of all rose lovers so far successfully introducing The Coventry Cathedral Rose (with every sale a donation of £2 goes to the Cathedral), Edward's Rose, Bride & Groom, Golden Moment, Truly Scrumptious, Bobby Dazzler, Loving MumOrange Blossom SpecialPerfect Pet and Show Star.

Edward Smith's lifelong quest was to breed new roses with very high resistance to disease which won him awards both at home and internationally, we are pleased to also include some of his previous varieties in this collection, all of which are still performing superbly today and we look forward to introducing many more of his fabulous varieties to you in coming years 

New Zealand Roses

It is with true excitement and great pleasure that we introduce a completely new exclusive and fabulous range of New Zealand Roses bred mainly by John Ford of Ford Roses in Palmerston North and the late great Nola Simpson, who over recent decades have introduced many unique and new coloured roses never seen before in the rose world, including the original Hot Chocolate rose and many other noted brown and unusual varieties. One of the main criteria in Nola and John's breeding programme was a very high tolerance to withstand the highly varied and wet climatic conditions of New Zealand with priority given to good petal texture to withstand the heavy rainfall without damage and very few of their introductions suffer with blooms rotting from heavy rain or damp conditions.

 The range of roses offered in this new collection are completely exclusive to Style Roses both in the UK and Europe, having carefully trialled them for two years, we continue to be completely blown away by their colours and fragrance. They all clearly love the British climate and seem to be romping away with health and vigour in our rose fields and also are performing perfectly as container plants, we highly recommend these roses which will only amaze you and look forward to introducing even more unusual roses from New Zealand to you in the coming years.


Rose Of The Year

The Rose of the Year award was introduced in 1982 with an aim to discover and trial new varieties each year. 

The new varieties are entered into a two year trial period where they are grown in areas throughout the UK, using different soil types and climates to ensure that the healthiest varieties are grown. The winning variety is judged for its performance throughout the trials and is awarded the Rose of the Year title. 

Style Roses are proud to grow and supply many of the winning Rose of the Year varieties as listed below. By buying a winning Rose of the Year variety, you can be confident that you are purchasing a healthy and well trialled garden rose with a nationally recognised award.  

Rose Related Products

The products in this section are the best available, top quality products, for you to plant and tend your roses with over the coming years. Investment in these products is strongly recommended for a long term happy relationship with your roses!

Gold leaf tough touch Gloves and Gauntlets: Made from deer hide, unbelievable fitting and comfort, thorn proof soft leather, tough and longlasting, only use when plants are dry.

Felco Secateurs: Swiss precision made, willl make rose pruning an easy job and will last a lifetime if maintained, after owning a pair of these you will never buy any other!

Rootgrow: A natural safe product that will give your roses the best possible start if used at planting time. Also with this product it allows you to safely and succesfully plant roses where there were roses before, eliminating rose replant disease problems and great for dry,light, sandy soils or during drought conditions where quick and good establishment can be a problem. A very cheap product for the large benefits gained, try it, you won't be disappointed, can also be used on other hardy shrubs (excluding strong alkaline or erecaceous plants). 

Roses for Shaded Areas

All roses need good levels of light to perform well and flower, however there are a good number of varieties, especially Climbing and Rambling roses which will perform well in positions where the roses ideally get at least half a day's sunshine or the light levels are good and not heavily shaded or on a north facing wall or fence.

The varieties in this section are all ideal to grow in the above situations, remember to use Rootgrow when you plant them and Empathy Rose Food for the best results and to give them the best possible conditions for flowering and strong growth. 

Special Offer Container Collections

Our rose collections provide excellent value for money, containing 4 potted roses in each collection.

We will select our choice of 4 individual varieties, depending on what looks best on our nursery on the day. The choices will be made containing a mixture of up to 4 colours if ordering a collection by type: Hybrid Tea, Floribunda, Climbing Roses etc, or we will select roses or similar heights if choosing one of our single colour collections.

Please note there will be a single delivery charge of £7.95 per 4 roses ordered instead of our normal £12.00 charge for 4 roses,  Plus the additional price of the rose is reduced in the collection and is an incredibly cost effective way of buying our healthy garden roses. 

Thornless and Near Thornless Roses

Roses is this section are thornless roses or lightly thorned garden roses, ideal for family gardens, children's play areas or in areas close to paths and pedestrians.


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