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Sundries: Uncle Tom's Tonic

Uncle Tom's Tonic: Used on our Nursery and now being widely used by Commercial Rose Growers, Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic is both a very safe and very good product for Roses and almost all other plants, insect friendly, it contains no harmful chemicals and is rich in Phosphite and Pottasium, two of the main needed building blocks for plants which can be easily applied either as a foliar spray or soil drench during active growth on a regular basis with no resistance build up problems. It also works as a great plant pick me up even on old poorly performing plants. rapidly moving through the plant and promoting green healthy growth without promoting lush rapid new growth which is then more prone to disease attacks. The added great benefit of Uncle Tom's Tonic is much improved disease resistance on roses, with excellent control of Rust, Black Spot and Mildew obtained by regularly using this product. A good number of Commercial growers and breeders are now using this product and nothing else! Now available in 500ml and 1 litre packs. Available in 2 pack sizes 500ml & 1lt, dilute 50ml of concentrate to 5lts water which treats 50 Roses in each mix when applied as a foliage spray.



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