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Empathy After Plant Rose Food 1kg


Roses are heavy feeders, needing 2 to 3 applications of rose feed 2 or 3 times a year to help keep them healthy and promote large amounts of bloom and strong foliage and flower colouring, this is a unique new rose feed which contains Rootgrow Mycorrhizal Fungi, Nitrogen, Phosphates, Potassium, Magnesium, Auxins and beneficial bacteria to build up soil fertility and vastly improve the roses ability to naturally uptake and unlock nutrients from the soil and air.

Use after planting and in subsequent years, evenly sprinkling 1 to 2 handfuls (25-50g) around each rose plant, work gently into the top soil and water well afterwards. Apply in Spring and Mid Summer with an additional feed late May for roses grown in Containers. Each pack will treat up to 40 roses per treatment. 

Felco Secateurs


Felco Secateurs: Swiss precision made rose pruners made by Felco , sharp and robust, simply put, the best money can buy, we always use Felco 2's on the Rose Nursery with each pair used on 10's of thousands roses, making rose pruning an easy job and a pair will last a lifetime if maintained, easily cuts and slices through tough rose stems, extremely comfortable to hold and use.



Gift Vouchers


Not sure which roses to choose for a Gift? If a rose is not for a specific occasion then why not give one of our 'Style Roses' gift vouchers as a present, they come in voucher values of £10 to £100 with a unique gift code number that can be used for purchases of Roses on our website, Rose Nursery or over the telephone. A voucher of £25 in value will buy virtually any of our potted bush roses or upto 2 bareroot garden roses including delivery. These vouchers are to be used exclusively with Style Roses and are not valid elsewhere, we do not accept any other form of Garden Voucher or Rose Gift Voucher on purchases from Style Roses.



Gold leaf tough touch Rose Gloves and Gauntlets: Made from deer hide, unbelievable fitting and comfort, thorn proof soft leather, tough and long lasting they take the stress out of rose pruning and handling thorny plants and stems, we only use these gloves on our Rose Nurseries, simply put, there is nothing better and are well worth the price, a pair will last for many years under normal use in the garden. best  used when plant stems and leaves are dry to give them a longer life, we recommend Gloves for normal planting & pruning and Gauntlets for handling Climbers and Ramblers during major pruning tasks.



Rootgrow will give all  your bareroot and potted roses the best possible start at planting time, Rootgrow is used in the planting hole coming into direct contact with the rose roots. This great product, endorsed and tested by The Royal Horticultural Society allows you to safely and successfully plant roses where there were roses before, eliminating rose replant disease sickness problems and is also great for dry,light, sandy soils or during drought conditions where rapid and good plant establishment can be a big problem

Rootgrow is now one of the very first products to be endorsed by the Royal Horticultural Society which is a real ringing endorsement of the product, and having gone through many years of trials with the RHS it is now used in all their new planting schemes, we strongly recommend Rootgrow for all Planting Roses..

Rootgrow for the faster establishment of all roses, trees and shrubs (excluding acid loving plants).
This 100% natural product really does work and the  small cost involved is well worth it for the great benefits gained, it is a natural friendly Mycorrhizal fungi that gives the rose a rapid second root system, earlier and better growth, Better Drought tolerance, Better uptake of fertilisers and Trace Elements, essential for planting roses in dry or sandy soil. Much reduced mortality in difficult planting areas. 


SB Plant Invigorator


SB Plant Invigorator, 250ml concentrate (25lts spray when diluted)

Mildew, Pesticide & Foliar Feed: Friendly non chemical/non biological action, safe on all plants including fruit & vegetables with no harvest interval after spraying. 

SB Plant Invigorator attacks and controls powdery mildew in roses and other plants by washing and removing mildew spores from the leaf surface, also controlling a wide range of pests including greenfly, whitefly, blackfly, spider mite, mealybug and psyllids.

Used by professional growers, very safe to use on all plants, having a physical/non chemical mode of action there is no possibility of resistance to the product and can be sprayed weekly during active growth, leaves foliage nice and shiny and also foliar feeds leading to lush healthy growth

Sulphur Rose


Natural non pesticide product, safe if sprayed directly onto garden roses where wildlife and animals also cohabit , this excellent product attacks Blackspot and Mildew giving fast and effective control either as a preventative or cure for problems with rose diseases, promoting healthy blooms and foliage and preventing yellowing of leaves. Can be used as a summer spray (5 - 10g  per 4.5lts water) or winter drench (30g per 4.5lts) to control or kill off Black spot and rose disease spores in the soil which in turn will prevent re-infection to Rose Plants from soil borne spores.. Spray up to every 2 weeks during active growth, non resistant so can be used regularly on roses. 

Uncle Tom's Tonic

Uncle Tom's Tonic: Used on our Nursery and now being widely used by Commercial Rose Growers, Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic is both a very safe and very good product for Roses and almost all other plants, insect friendly, it contains no harmful chemicals and is rich in Phosphite and Pottasium, two of the main needed building blocks for plants which can be easily applied either as a foliar spray or soil drench during active growth on a regular basis with no resistance build up problems. It also works as a great plant pick me up even on old poorly performing plants. rapidly moving through the plant and promoting green healthy growth without promoting lush rapid new growth which is then more prone to disease attacks. The added great benefit of Uncle Tom's Tonic is much improved disease resistance on roses, with excellent control of Rust, Black Spot and Mildew obtained by regularly using this product. A good number of Commercial growers and breeders are now using this product and nothing else! Now available in 500ml and 1 litre packs. Available in 2 pack sizes 500ml & 1lt, dilute 50ml of concentrate to 5lts water which treats 50 Roses in each mix when applied as a foliage spray.



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