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Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic 1 litre pack will treat up to 100 roses for a whole season, this fabulous new friendly product works in a unique way acting as a tonic or rose feed to your roses both to feed and promote both much improved health and vigour in your roses if used on a regular basis during active growth. Ideal for gardeners who don't like to use chemicals, this is a natural and safe product that does not harm insects like bees and butterflies & gives great disease control on your roses, there are no plant resistance problems with this product so spray as often as required, we recommend once every 7 to 14 days during active growth (April to October), early sprays before you see any disease problems are particularly beneficial and promote long term health and trouble free roses throughout the summer and autumn, use as a soil drench to pick up poorly performing roses

Simply add 10ml of Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic to 1lt of water and apply as a drench or rose spray - contains potassium phosphite fertiliser, free from additives, wetters and dyes.


TYPE:  Rose Related Products
ROSE RELATED PRODUCT:  Rose Related Products
SUNDRIES:  Uncle Tom's Tonic

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