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1 Packet x 250g Sulphur Rose, Rose Black Spot & Mildew Control

Natural non pesticide product, safe if sprayed directly onto garden roses where wildlife and animals also cohabit , this excellent product attacks Blackspot and Mildew giving fast and effective control either as a preventative or cure for problems, promoting healthy blooms and foliage and preventing yellowing of leaves. Can be used as a summer spray (5 - 10g  per 4.5lts water) or winter drench (30g per 4.5lts) to control or kill off Black spot and rose disease spores in the soil which in turn will prevent re-infection to Rose Plants from soil borne spores.. Spray up to every 2 weeks during active growth, non resistant so can be used regularly on roses. Manufactured by Greenacres Direct

TYPE:  Rose Related Products
ROSE RELATED PRODUCT:  Rose Related Products
SUNDRIES:  Sulphur Rose

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