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Eyes For You (Pejbigeye)- Floribunda Bush Rose 

Eyes for you is a unique and completely new style of rose following cross breeding with Persica hybrids (Desert Roses). The 4-5 inch blooms are completely novel and almost pansy like to look at. Blooms are produced in repeat waves throughout the season in trusses which are mauve and lilac with a strong, purple blotch in the centre. Flowers fade to pale lilac with age. Plants are strong, healthy, bushy and free flowering with wonderful strong lemon fragrance, a truly amazing new rose.

Fragrance: Strong

Bush Rose Height: 75 - 90cm

BREEDER'S CODE:  Pejbigeye
TYPE:  Floribunda/cluster Flowering
OCCASION:  Anniversary, Love / Friendship
COLOUR:  Blue/lilac, Purple
PLANTING SITUATION:  Front Border, Mid Border, Tub/pot/barrel

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