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Essential Aftercare Large Starter Pack

This starter pack includes;

1x Rootgrow 1Kg - Gives all new roses a stronger start by doubling the root system and preventing any problems with rose replant sickness and saving you from having to exchanged the soil.
1x SB Plant Invigorator 250ml - Mildewcide, Pesticide, Foliar Feed
1x Uncle Tom's Rose Tonic 1Lt - Acting as a tonic or rose feed to your roses both to feed and promote both much improved health and vigour in your roses if used on a regular basis during active growth.
1x Sulphur Rose Powder 250g - Attacks Blackspot and Mildew giving fast and effective control either as a preventative or cure for problems, promoting healthy blooms and foliage and preventing yellowing of leaves.
1x Sulphur Rose 1Lt Spray
- Attacks Blackspot and Mildew
2x Empathy After Plant Rose Food
1Kg - Keeping roses healthy and promote large amounts of bloom and strong foliage and flower colouring.

Saving over 10% on ordering sundries with this starter pack

TYPE:  Rose Related Products
ROSE RELATED PRODUCT:  Rose Related Products
SUNDRIES:  Sulphur Rose

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