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Dynamite (Raw2286) - Floribunda Bush Rose  

Exclusive, New Introduction 2020/2021

A new and exclusive rose for 2020/2021. A stunning floribunda rose with unusual coloured tones that will cause heads to turn. Cupped blooms showcase deep orange, red and terracotta-brown shades, with lemon and silver reverse petals. Each bloom's colours look different from various angles and slowly fades to an interesting deep mauve pink. A medium strength scent and olive-green, disease resistant growth. Producing clusters of up to 6 blooms and up to 25 blooms per stem, Dynamite will give your garden a fabulous and loud bang of colour and excitement!

Fragrance: Medium scent

Height: 75cm (approx)

JAN 2021- Please note: These are New Season Potted Roses in loose compost and will need to remain in the pot supplied until fully rooted. (Late Spring/Early Summer) 

TYPE:  New Or Exclusive, Floribunda/cluster Flowering
COLOUR:  Brown, Two Tone
PLANTING SITUATION:  Central Bed, Tub/pot/barrel
OCCASION:  Love / Friendship

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